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A green tea from the region of Kyoto in Japan. Sencha is noted for its delicate sweetness, mild astringency and flowery-green aroma. And also this sencha has a smooth and mellow taste and refreshing aroma.

What’s in it?

Green tea

What type of tea?

Where it’s from?

What are the effects?
The Sencha is also a very pure green tea we have. And green tea has so many benefits. The most important benefits are that it stimulates fat burning, so it helps to loose weight. And it also increases the risks of many diseases and disorders like cancer.

How to drink?

Green tea may have a bitter taste when you make these tea the wrong way, so be careful. The best way to fully enjoy this cup of tea is to follow these instructions:

  • Boil the water (preference is given to bottled water)
  • Let the water cool down to between 60 – 70 degrees
  • Add 2 grams of tea to your cup or glass.
  • Infuse for 1-2 minutes (depending on your own taste)


The bitter taste is a result if you added to hot water to the green or white tea leaves. The leaves will burn a bit and thats why it creates that bitter taste.


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