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A refreshing blend of Chinese Gunpowder mixed with mint and a little bit of lemongrass. Before the drying process the leaves are gently rolled into little balls. The British soldiers named this tea ‘Gunpowder’ because every time they see the balls they think of ammunition.

The balls will unfurl when pouring hot water. The gunpowder itself has a spicy rounded taste. That’s why it’s the perfect mix with the mint and little bit of lemongrass.

What’s in it?
Mint, lemongrass, gunpowder

What kind of tea?

Where it’s from?

What are the effects?
Green tea contains many antioxidants and has a sedative effect on the nervous system because of the low amount of  tannin and it helps with weight control

How to drink?

  • Boil the water (preference is given to bottled water)
  • Let the water cool down to between 60 – 70 degrees
  • Add 2 or 3 jasmine pearls to your cup or glass (If you use a transparent glass you will see the process of the tea when they unfold)
  • Infuse for 1-2 minutes (depending on your own taste)

The bitter taste is a result if you added to hot water to the green or white tea leaves. The leaves will burn a bit and thats why it creates that bitter taste.

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