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This is a very special tea. As soon as the tea flower comes into contact with hot water, the flower will open up and the leaves of the flower will appear.

The blooming lily in center with the marigold and the bulleth amaanth will give this tea a surprising flavor. Together they provide a tasteful soft sweet fresh tea. This is a startling beautiful flower tea, which has a floral character by the needle green tea.

What’s in it?

Lily, marigold, green tea, bullet amaranth

What type of tea?

What are the effects?
The tea flower is a unique and memorable gift, which naturally contributes to improved health and well-being for humans.

The benefits of tea flowers have been confirmed in numerous studies and investigations. So can help combat drinking tea against heart disease, cancer and liver diseases. In asthma, tooth decay stress and lose weight.

How to drink?

For the best results and for the best presentation you can use a teapot of glass. It looks really nice and in a teapot the leaves has their space to open up completely.

  • Boil the water (preference is given to bottled water)
  • Let the water cool down to between 80 – 90 degrees
  • Add the flower into the teapot
  • Infuse for 5-10 minutes (depending on your own taste)


You can use one flower fora bout 2 litres of tea.


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1 Flower, 4 Flowers, 8 Flowers


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