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With the fresh mix of cherries, cranberries and papaya is the Cranberry Lime Punch the Caribbean cocktail dream, but without alcohol.

What’s in it?

Apple pieces, candied papaya pieces, unsweetened pineapple chunks, lemon zest, verveine, cowberry leaves, dried lemon, whole cranberries, dry petals, saffloerblaadjes, ground acerola, natural aroma.

What kind of tea?
Iced tea

How to drink?

There are two ways to prepare this iced tea. These brews are for 1 litre of iced tea.

Cold brew:

– Put 1 cup of the tea in a big jar or can.
– Add 1 litre of cold water.
– Let it brew for 24 hours.

Hot brew:

  • Boil the water (preference is given to bottled water)
  • Let the water cool down to between 80 – 90 degrees
  • Add 1 cup of the tea in a big jar or can.
  • Add ½ litre with the boiled water.
  • Let it brew for 15 / 30 minutes.
  • Add ½ litre of cold water.


Especially in the summer you want to add some ice cubes. You can also add fresh mint and slices of lemon. It looks really good and it taste more fresh.


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