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A really nice tea to drink during your meal or after your meal. It’s an herbal tea with a lots of beautiful natural ingredients. All these ingredients are mixed together for a light tea, but still with that round taste of all the ingredients.

This herbal tea is not mixed with other tea leaves. That means you can drink the tea every time of the day because there is no tannin in it.

What’s in it?

Yerba mate, mint, lemon balm, lemon verbena, rosemary, tarragon, sage and orange peel

What type of tea?

What are the effects?
It’s a mix from all kind of herbals. The lemon balm and verbena prevents or increases a flu, colds, cough, fever and bronchitis. A really nice tea to start your day with if you feel one of these things are coming up.

The benefits of yerba mate in your tea is that it helps purify the blood, a good stimulation for the concentration. So it will help to de-stress a little bit. And it also increases a healthy lifestyle.

How to drink?

  • Boil the water (preference is given to bottled water)
  • Let the water cool down to between 95 – 100 °C
  • Add 2 grams to your cup or mug
  • Infuse for 5 – 7 minutes

The herbal teas can be used once. Because this tea is not included with tealeaves but only herbs or flowers.



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