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Here you will find all the questions you can have about our teas. Is it healthy or not? Is it fair trade or not. If you don’t see the question. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

We always recommend to speak to your doctor or specialist about this subject. All of our teas are provided with a detailed ingredients list so you can show this to your doctor to find out if the blend you use is good for you and your baby. Here is an interesting article giving online advice.

Detailed ingredient descriptions are provided with every tea you purchase, so read them carefully to make sure your allergen is not used in the production of the blend. We always aim to call out any priority allergens such as peanuts, dairy or gluten but please keep in mind our teas don’t often come from certified nut – dairy or gluten free facilities so if you have a severe allergy we recommend you talk to your health care provider before drinking our teas.

Yes they are, but please note that the facilities that provide our teas are not always gluten free certified and if you have a severe allergy to gluten you should always speak to your health care provider first.

Most of our teas are sugar free and have no calories or carbohydrates.

We provide nutritional facts for all our teas, they can be found on the description page of each tea product.

Now that’s a difficult question because not one cup of tea is the same! There are many factors that can change the amount of caffeine in a cup of tea such as the amount of water, the temperature of your tea water and of course the steeping time (how long do you leave the bag in!) Even though it is almost impossible to find out exactly what the amount of caffeine is in every cup of tea, we have put all our teas to the test with a general rating system.

These are our caffeine categories which can be found on the product description pages for each tea:

  • Caffeine free

Contains less than 1mg of caffeine per cup

  • Low caffeine

Contains 1 – 35 mg of caffeine per cup

  • Medium caffeine

Contains 35 – 90 mg of caffeine per cup (still less than a cup of coffee)

Absolutely! In fact, our selection of organic teas is one if the best you can find online these days! All our organic teas are certified by ecocert, and you can find them under the “organic” label.

While we strive to provide only unflavoured teas, we sometimes come across a blend that includes flavourings but is so good we wouldn’t want to keep it a secret from you so we add it to our store, but with a very clear description on what the ingredients are.

Fact of the matter is, some blends taste as good as they do because of added flavourings. A rich watermelon flavour would not be possible from dried watermelon alone!

What you have to understand is that no matter how rich and tasteful your tea might be, the actual amount of flavourings is minimal (we are talking 0.0001%) so don’t feel guilty for indulging sometimes!

If flavourings just is not what you want, we do have a large variety of teas without flavourings for you to choose from.

Without going all mad scientist on you, read this article about artificial flavourings by Gary Reineccius (the mad scientist)  

To make a long story short, when a flavour is not produced 100% from a natural source then it is classed as “Artificial”.

When we use flavourings we always strive to find the “natural” kind. But if that really is not available we will use artificial, but we will always let you know about that on the product description pages.

Another great question that does not have a straightforward answer as it really depends on the tea itself! Some of our blends have large chunks of fruit, chocolate or other natural ingredients and some keep longer than others.

To help your tea stay fresh you would always keep them in a dry, dark and cool environment and keep them well sealed.

We have a general guideline, but you will find that this guideline does not apply to every tea:

  • Tea with fruits, nuts and other natural materials – best consumed within 6 months from date of purchase
  • Pu’Erh tea taste only better while it’s getting older
  • Regular teas – best consumed within 12 months from date of purchase
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